ISLAND TOUR – Near the Arctic Ocean Edge

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Day 1  

  • Meeting at the Titovka checkpoint, transfer to the base; a stop on the road to look at the Titovka waterfall
  • Arrival at Northern Harmony base, to the uninhabitable peninsula in the Barents Sea, the tour of the locality
  • dinner
  • bath (tea, bakery), evening bonfire

Day 2  

  • Breakfast
  • Excursion across the sea to Pikshuev (a neglected weather station, an old lighthouse), dinner at Oberhof, tour of the former battle fields, visit to small islands on the way back, colonies of birds
  • arrival at the base
  • dinner
  • bath, tea
  • tasting of the sea delicacies (scallops, crabs, sea urchins) .

Day 3  

  • breakfast
  • a walking tour to the German defense line, with the magnificent view of tundra and the mountain river
  • dinner, packing the suitcases
  • transfer back

Included into the cost:

— Accommodation and board at Northern Harmony base (three meals) and en route, bath every evening, a guide: RUB 5,500 * 3 = RUB 16,500

— sea tour to Pikshuev, Oberhof (boat lease, guide, driver): RUB 4,500/person, a walking tour to the German heights (bald peaks covered with silvery moss, northern berries, mountain river): 2-3 hours

— transfer from the Titovka checkpoint to Northern Harmony base (in particular, by water, 20-30 minutes), stopping en route to look at the Titovka waterfall: RUB 2,500/person

TOTAL – 23,500 /person

    • additionally (optionally): tasting of sea delicacies (scallops, crabs, sea urchins), without limitations: RUB 2,000/person