Sea and River FISHING

Amateurs and professionals from all over the world go fishing to the Murmansk Region! Spinners and fly-fishers are eager to get to the Kola Peninsula rivers for salmon, large bull-trout, and precipitous grayling. Trout, pike, perch, ide, bull-trout and grayling can be caught in lakes and mountain rivers.

If you’d like to enjoy the unique combination of the virgin nature and sports fishing of wild salmon the Titovka River is for you. The river has the extremely convenient banks and classical rifts for fly-fishing amateurs. There are no “inconvenient places” for catching and for playing the fish, and walking along the river and looking for your fish is enjoyable.

You can catch cod, haddock, wolffish, pollack, flounder, ruff, sea perch, halibut and, of course, Kamchatka crab in the Barents Sea. The entire catch can be cooked as soon as you drag it from the water!

Salmon fishing:  boat lease for up to 5 persons (exit from the sea to the riverbed and back, to the base), RUB 2,500 per boat; delivery to the licensed fishing area and back to the boat (8 km off-the-highway), RUB 500 per person.