Video tour of DIVING CENTER

Dalnyaya Titovka is:

Marine and River Salmon FISHING

It is possible to see the killer whale, sea bears and Arctic birds

Wood fired bath on shore the Barents Sea


Polar Day is when the sun does not set all summer long!

Northern Delicacies


Northern Harmony tourist center is a venue for those willing to find themselves at the ends of the earth, to get unforgettable impressions, active leisure, to fish in the Titovka River or in the Barents Sea, to see many interesting and unusual things.

Our base is located on a small island in the Barents Sea. The unique geographic location creates excellent conditions for diving and river and sea salmon fishing.

The Kola Peninsula is the only place in Russia when you can get by motor roads  to see the open Barents Sea that is included into the Arctic Ocean water area.

There is the majestic, wild nature, the world’s most ancient granite vast expanses populated by Arctic colonies of birds.  There is the polar day in summer, with the sun not setting all day long, and there is almost 24-hour long night, with the polar lights – all this attracts those dreaming of travels, those having a thirst for adventure and the wilderness lovers invincibly.

The proximity to the Northern magnetic pole rewards a man with the overwhelming power, charges with energy and inspires.

This region fascinates and attracts, you can’t but love it!

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This is a travel for those who is tired of the daily bustling and is ready to enjoy the virgin northern country.


Waters of the Kola Island is a true paradise for fishermen. The fabulous fishing for surprisingly strong and beautiful fish of northern reservoirs will leave nobody indifferent.


We have a drowned ship nearby and a steep rock, a convenient access to the sea.

Rent a boat or ship

You can lease a boat or a vessel for going to the sea.


A tour for children and adults

ISLAND TOUR – at the Arctic Ocean edge

We will visit the northernmost point of European Russia

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How to get

1st  option: TRANSFER  from the Murmansk airport or railway station to the holiday venue and back costs RUB 3,000 per person

2nd option: by your own motor transport to the Titovka café (by paved road)

From Murmansk via M-18 federal highway to Norway, 100 km to the checkpoint (you should produce a Russian or foreign travelling passport), then 20 meters to the Titovka café (the equipped parking lot is available).

• we will meet you at the Titovka café, transport you by car off-the-highway (12 km), then by motor boat along the Titovka River, exiting to the Motovsky Bay of the Barents Sea, and then 5 km to our base. The transfer from the Titovka café to the holiday venue and back costs RUB 2,000 per person.

3rd option: you drive in your own car to the Titovka River mouth (12 km off-the-highway in the forest, of poor quality in some sections)

100 km from Murmansk via M-18 federal highway to Norway, to the checkpoint (please produce a Russian or foreign travel passport). Near the point, turn to the right and go off-the-highway towards the Rybachiy Peninsula, to the branching of two roads (the Rybachiy Peninsula is to the left),  follow the right-hand branch (the river mouth) where you can leave your car.

  • we meet you at the river bank, then transport you by motor boat along the Titovka River exiting to the Motovsky Bay of the Barents Sea, and then 5 km to our base.

The water transfer is free of charge.

We can meet you and take you to the base:

–  TRANSFER  from Murmansk Airport or Railway Station to the holiday venue and back, RUB 3,000 per person

–  TRANSFER from the Titovka café to the holiday venue and back, RUB 2,000 per person

–  TRANSFER from the Titovka river mouth (by water), free of charge


Dear Northern Harmony team! I am grateful for the enjoying ourselves in this wonderful place! We had pleasant time in the autumn nature for two days. I separately thank you very much for the provided house – we had a respite of the city and its bustling in quietness and calmness. The children are excited, too.


I’m going to travel to this inimitable place again soon. I feel the urge to go there again and again. My first acquaintance with that island in the Barents Sea took place in May 2015.  We got to the island by car and by boat, and even the road was an adventure!

Oxana Esdal
Oxana EsdalNorway

I’d like to tell about the Northern Harmony tourist center- it is the venue for those willing to find themselves at the ends of the earth.  There is everything you need for unforgettable leisure. The personnel are always responsive to the customer’s needs – they will transport, show and tell where to go and what to look at.  If you like travelling you are welcome!

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Турбаза на краю света

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Настоящий ЭКО тур!

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Рыбалка на краю света